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How to Find Qualified Suppliers

Want to see how Descartes Datamyne can help you find new suppliers? Use this resource to plan and execute effective sourcing strategies.

Key Steps on How to Find Suppliers

Descartes Datamyne is rich in information about the volumes, values and flows of global buying and selling. If you are wondering about how to find suppliers, explore the following key steps, also used extensively by our customers to identify new or alternatives sources raw materials, parts and finished goods.

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Map the Global Import Flow of a Commodity

The first step in determining how to find suppliers is to take a top-down, global view of sources for an import commodity. (Example shown: U.S. imports of furniture, 2021 vs 2020, by Bills of Lading).

teus quantity country of origin global map


Identify New or Alternative Supplier Sources

Generate a list of potential major suppliers, including quantities shipped by commodity. (Example shown: top furniture suppliers in Vietnam, 2021).

sample list of suppliers showing quantity bill of lading
Bill of Lading Detail


Analyze Shipment Data to Qualify Potential Suppliers

Review volumes, values, and timing of shipments by source as well as logistics and buyers (including competitors), as captured on bills of lading.


Select Suppliers that Enhance Supply Chain Resilience

Choose a supplier from an emerging source country for geographic diversity. Or line up mid-size alternatives for supplier diversity.
heat map of suppliers
landed cost estimator


Lock in Suppliers with Low Import Duty Rates

Use the landed cost calculator to zero-in on suppliers in markets with low import duty rates, and free or preferential trade agreements.

(Example shown: Vietnam vs China)


Screen for Denied Parties

Screen potential new suppliers against hundreds of denied party screening lists to ensure that you are not entering into business dealings with entities categorized by governments and world bodies as criminal enterprises or national security risks.
denied party screening software

Use Descartes Datamyne to Diversify Supplier Sourcing

How to find suppliers for your business can be complex and time-consuming. Find out how we can help you. Our customers choose us, because we deliver the best value in global trade intelligence.

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