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Ours is an international team, experts in trade intelligence and global markets.

Andres Galliano

Trade Data Specialist

Andres earned a BSc degree in Analytical Statistics from Florida State University. As a member of the Trade Data Specialist Team at Datamyne, his prime goal is to assist in order to guarantee customer success. He provides product support and guidance to ensure our customers are utilizing their database access to the fullest.

“I have a passion for solving problems. With the help of the Trade Data Specialist Team, and the various analytical tools available, customers can solve problems faster.”

Rachael MacArthur

Trade Data Specialist

Rachael joined Zepol in 2014 and now, as a member of the merged Datamyne team, she is on the front-line of product support, responding to customers’ questions and providing guidance on using product features. She is currently pursuing studies in computer science and software engineering at Park University.

“I take pleasure in providing support for our customers and their unique queries. Each customer has different needs, which makes my job interesting and enjoyable every day.”

Julia Montgomery

Trade Data Specialist

Julia holds a master’s degree in International Studies and an undergraduate degree in International Business. Before joining the Trade Data Specialist team at Datamyne, Julia acquired considerable experience as an international trade specialist helping enterprises of various sizes grow and diversify through global trade.

 “I assist clients in navigating and using the global import and export trade intelligence provided by Datamyne to enhance and support their business”

Brendan Sherman

Senior Trade Data Specialist

Brendan, who began his career with Zepol (now Datamyne), has a passion for helping customers achieve success. He provides training and guidance to product users, with the goal of ensuring every customer derives maximum value from their database access and analytical tools. Brendan graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas.

“People in the trade community are great to work with … and our product gives them an added edge of speed, accuracy and effectiveness in doing their jobs.”

Humberto Suarez

Maritime Data Specialist

Humberto (Bert) began his Datamyne career in 2008 working with our commercial accounts. He then moved over to our maritime transportation team. Today, as a trade data specialist, he is instrumental in providing support to our global maritime customers. An experienced multilingual, Humberto is fluent in both English and Spanish, and he is currently studying Lithuanian.

“The maritime industry has always been information-driven, but today the advantage can come down to having the details just a little ahead of the competition. That’s the advantage Datamyne can deliver.”

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